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Ferian jewellery is hand made in London, England. Each design is produced in limited quantities using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. The original ‘master’ artefact is cast in wax and its form replaced in the resultant mould by molten metal. After cooling each piece is hand polished, assembled by skilled craftspeople and finally the noble metals hallmarked in Hatton Garden, London, to complete a collection of exclusive, timeless, practical jewellery.

The Ferian insignia symbolises England in British Naval flag signals code and represents our commitment to the traditions of meticulous British manufacturing.

Ferian jewellery is made from solid sterling silver, solid brass, 9ct gold and 14ct plated brass. These metals are unlacquered and are intended to oxidise naturally, adding character to your Ferian piece; however, the original gleam can be restored with a gentle polish using the enclosed cloth or with precious metal polish.


Gate bracelet:Solid Brass

Made to order in 9ct and 18ct gold price on enquiry

Height - 1.7cm
Maximum circumference - 18.5cm