Ferian bags are designed to reflect the qualities of their owners – chic, adaptable, made with integrity and timeless style.

Sketches and proto-types are trialed to perfect proportion, function, details and the timeless spirit that defines Ferian.

As a designer I always consider how a bag will compliment an outfit without overwhelming the wearer. The bags are sketched on the body to give an impression of scale and most importantly the Ferian ‘attitude’.



Ferian leather is full grain and we source from Europe the most naturally flawless hides available which are dyed and hand finished in the Worcestershire countryside.

We rely on the close collaboration, skill and generations of experience from dedicated craftspeople in leather finishing, metal casting and manufacture to produce the highest quality British leather goods.

Tanning and colouring

We use vegetable tanning not only because it is the most environmentally responsible tanning but also because it retains a tighter, more integrated, fibre structure resulting in our bags softening and improving with wear. Natural oil are hand applied to create Ferian’s characteristic, supple, tender feel. Unlike coated leathers, if the bag is lightly scratched the ‘graze’ can be ‘healed’ by a gentle polish.

English Bridle leather is used for the straps and adjusters. Bridle leather was originally developed for horses’ harnesses and needed to be gentle on the animal’s skin, while being strong and durable as the rider’s life depended on it not failing. The surface is hand greased with a blend of natural tallows and oils to achieve the classic polished shine. After greasing, the leather can possess what appears to be a white covering across the surface. This is known as ‘bloom’.

This is a true characteristic of superior quality English Bridle leather. The cause of this white coating derives from the natural waxes and oils rising to the surface of the grain. Lightly buff or brush the white excess away and you will be left with a first class, shiny Bridle surface. Solid brass hardware

Ferian insignia

The Ferian flags symbolise ‘England’ in Naval flag signals and reflect our commitment to British manufacturing. The insignia is discreetly engraved on the solid brass bag fittings (cast and hand polished in London using the the lost wax process) and debossed on the reverse of the bags. The unlacqured brass fittings are intended to oxidise and will like the leather acquire a unique patina reflecting the character and travels of their owner.

Circular production

Ferian respects the environment and uses naturally biodegradable materials and recycled packaging. Worn with respect, these classics pieces will last for generations