Vegetable tanning retains leathers natural markings and any variation in colour and texture should not be considered a fault but inherent to its unique, natural quality.

As with all naturally dyed leather, the bag is not initially colourfast and we recommend you avoid light coloured clothes and surfaces. 

Direct sunlight or heat for extended periods may cause uneven discolouration.

If your bag gets wet, leave it to dry naturally after removing any excess water with a paper towel. Pack with paper to retain the bag’s shape.  Ferian recommends regular applications of leather balm (we recommend Renapur leather balsam ) to preserve the strength and suppleness of the leather. Apply with a soft bristle brush to help feed oils and waxes back into the leather. 

The unlaquered metal fittings are intended to oxidise but the original gleam can be restored with a gentle polish avoiding contact with the leather.

The bags are provided with a protective dust bag which we recommend you store your bag in when not in use. The dust bag is constructed from natural unbleached cotton and made in Cambridgeshire UK.