Ferian was founded by Leonie Branston - a London based fashion designer who began her career at Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan before moving to New York to design for J.Crew and later Calvin Klein.

In 2001 she returned to London to design for luxury British brands. Leonie continues to consult for British heritage brands in tandem to designing and developing Ferian.

The design of Ferian bags and jewellery applies the same principles as those applied by Leonie to the creation of enduring, chic clothes, combining carefully chosen natural materials that remain timeless and grow more desirable as their character is expressed by generations of discerning ownership.


Ferian takes its name from the Old English for ‘to carry ’ and particularly referenced passage over water (hence Ferian’s Naval flag insignia).

The Ferian Insignia – the history of the Flags

The Ferian flags represent England in Naval flag signalling system and symbolise our commitment to British manufacturing.   The system is functional, intelligent and visually elegant. All the qualities that Ferian strives to attain in its design and execution.


Ferian jewellery is hand made in London, England. Each design is produced in limited quantities using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. The original ‘master’ artefact is cast in wax and its form replaced in the resultant mould by molten metal. After cooling each piece is hand polished, assembled by skilled craftspeople and finally the noble metals hallmarked in Hatton Garden, London, to complete a collection of exclusive, timeless, practical jewellery.

The Wedgwood collection revives scarce vintage Wedgwood Jasperware dating from the 1950s- 1980s to create a limited edition exlusive collection.


Ferian bags are made in the West Midlands of England using hand-worked saddlery techniques that established the factory’s reputation in the 1800s. The finest full grain skins are vegetable-dyed in Worcestershire and slowly enriched by hand with natural oils and waxes that protect and enhance the bridle leather

Symbolising England, the Ferian insignia is engraved on hand modelled fittings cast in solid brass, using the lost wax process, by Ferian’s London foundary.

These time proven materials and techniques create a collection of enduring modern bags that over time will acquire a unique patina reflecting the character and travels of their owner.


Ferian uses vegetable tanned leather sourced in Europe and naturally dyed in England less than fifty miles from our factory

Ferian respects the environment and uses naturally biodegradable materials and recycled packaging.

Our gold, silver and brass is from 80 percent recycled sources.

Worn with respect, these classic pieces will last for generations.