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Design: 3 Black and gold horse head right

3 Black and gold horse head right
1B Grey/Gold horse head intaglio left
2 Blue/Gold horse right
4 Navy/Gold Horse Head Intaglio Right
5 Sage/Gold Horse Head Right
6 Black/Silver Horse Head Intaglio Left
7 Portland Blue/White Horse Head Right
8 Portland Blue and White Horse Head Left
9 Black/white Horse Head White Right
10 Black/White Horse Head Left
13 Grey Horse Head Inaglio Left
14 Grey Horse Head Intaglio
15 Black Horse Head Intaglio Right
16 Navy Horse Head Intaglio Left
18 Black/White Stubbs Prancing Horse Left
19 Black/White Stubbs Walking Horse Right
20 Black/White Stubbs Kicking Horse Left
21 Black/white Stubbs Kicking Horse Right
22 Portland Blue/White Stubbs Walking horse right
23 Portland Blue/White Prancing Horse Left
24 Wedgwood Blue/White Prancing Horse Left
25 Blue/White Walking horse Right
26 Blue/White Standing Horse Left
27 Blue/White Standing Horse Right
29 Black Stubbs Prancing Horse Intaglio Left
30 Black Balsalt Walking Horse Convex Right
31 Navy Prancing Horse Convex Left
32 Navy Walking Horse Convex Right
33 Navy Intaglio Prancing Horse Right
36 Navy/White Galleon
35 Blue/White Galleon
37 Black/White Galleon
38 Navy Pebble Galleon
38A Pink Pebble/Black Galleon
38b Black Pebble/White Galleon
38C Pink Pebble/White Galleon
41 Blue/White Sailboat
42 Portland Blue/White Sailboat
44 Portland Blue/White Clinker Boat
45 Wedgwood Blue/White Junk Boat
46 Portland Blue/White Star Anchor
47 Pink Pebble/White Anchor
48b Pink Pebble/Black Anchor
49 Blue and White Conch Shell
50 Blue/White Seahorse
51 Black/White Eelephant
56 Black Basalt 3D Relief Lion Head
60 Black/White Rampant Lion
61 Blue/White Rampant Lion
62 Portland Blue/White Rampant Lion
64 Portland Blue/White Cupid Sharpening Arrow
65 Emerald Green/White Cupid Sharpening Arrow
66 Blue/White Cupid Sharpening Arrow
67 Blue and White Muse Right
69 Emerald Green/White Fairy
70 Black/White Britannia
71 Blue/White Brittania Left
72 Black/white Caesar Right
74 Blue/White Three Graces
77 Black/White Floating Muse
78 Pink/White Convex Muse
79 Pink/\White Thinking Muse
80 Seagreen Boudica
81 Black/cream Boudica
6B Black/Silver Horse Head Intaglio Right
48B Black/White Anchor
60 Black-White Rampant Lion
66B Black/White Cupid Sharpening Bow
66B Blue/White Cupid Right
67 Black/White Muse
100 Blue/White Unicorn Left
Black/White Unicorn Left
101 Blue/White Latitia Godess
Portland Blue/White Ship's Steer
103 Portland Blue/White Spread Eagle
Portland Blue/White Unicorn Left
104 Sea Green/White Walking Horse
105 Black/White Stag
106 Black/White 3D Muse
67b Blue and White Muse Right
3D Black Basalt Lion
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Explore our archive collection of vintage Wedgwood cameos collected over many years which date from the 1950s to 1980s.

The vintage Wedgwood Jasperware cameos and intaglios are set in a solid sterling silver mount designed by Ferian, with signature brass pin. Traditionally lost wax cast, assembled by hand in London and hallmarked in Hatton Garden. Finished with a sterling silver curb chain. 

The reverse of the fob is cast with the Ferian flag which symbolise 'England' in Naval flags and can be worn on either side.

Scroll through the designs or highlight the dot beside each design to identify the motif.

This piece will be custom made for your order - please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

Suitable for a man or a woman.

Scroll through the designs or highlight the dot beside each design to identify the motif.

This piece will be custom made for your order - please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.



Intaglio including surround: 21mm
Depth of fob: 6mm
Width from pin to pin: 32mm
Height from base of setting
to top of pillar: 31mm
Chain width: 1.3mm
Chain length: 48cm
Sits approximately 7.5cm under collarbone.

Please note this product is not manufactured or authorised by Wedgwood but is a Ferian product incorporating an original Wedgwood cameo.


Ferian's designer Leonie Branston has a special interest in preserving and reframing British crafts so they can be enjoyed and appreciated by a contemporary audience.  At Ferian we are particularly drawn to the vintage Wedgwood cameos dating from the 1950s-80s featuring heraldry, nature and nautical motifs for use in our jewellery. 

Abolitionist, potter, entrepreneur, Josiah Wedgwood revolutionised ceramics. His pioneering spirit transformed a cottage industry into an art form, and his legacy is internationally renowned today. Founded in the 1770s the elegant designs were influenced by classicism, but his pottery though decorative was functional, durable and made to be enjoyed and used by generations. The signature fine matt porcelain — known as Jasperware, was developed after over 10,000 experiments. Many unique colours were created; Dark blue, Portland blue, Lilac and Sage green, but by far the most famous is the Pale blue, a tone recognisable around the world today. The patterned bas-relief motifs were delicately applied by hand then kiln fired. 

The Stoke-on-Trent pottery is now a museum, owned by the Victoria and Albert Museum.



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