This collection revives the ancient technique of vitreous enamelling which stretches back thousands of years to the Mesopotamians and Egyptians.

Chosen for their significance the colours for the Glass Enamel collection include: Coral red, courage, faith and love, Emerald green, nature and wisdom, Cobalt serenity, White spirituality, Pool blue tranquillity and truth.

Designed by Ferian and developed in collaboration with a British silversmith and enameller. Founded in the 1800’s the enameller is based in Birmingham and holds a Royal warrant. The enamelling process consists of glass granules skilfully hand applied to faceted silver to create the ring’s colourful disk.

It is then kiln-fired multiple times and hand polished to reveal the lustrous light refracting brilliant colour. This hand-worked process ensures each piece is unique. Framed in minimal lost wax cast solid 9 carat gold in London they form an elegant colourful collection. Hallmarked in Hatton Garden, London.